ZWIN wine & robata is a project where wine makes the basis.

All menu is formed exclusively on the combination of wine and dishes and takes into account the summer and winter mood. Summer is a “sparkling mood” and there are more light white and rose wines. In winter, we suggest red and dense wines to our guests, which are served with meat dishes.

ZWIN’s mission – is a development of wine culture in Lviv – the gastronomic center of Ukraine! We aim to show to the residents of Lviv that wine is a whole history, art and hard work! It is able to inspire and twin hearts!

We are confident that our Guests, besides a rich wine list, will also be attracted by a “wine machine” with 4 types of wine that is aimed not only at affordability at the expense of the price, but also at the environmental friendliness of the offered drink, because 20 liters of wine from the “wine machine” amount to a whole ton of rubbish!

Fresh and floral, rich and fruit, light berry – this is far an incomplete range of wines. We offer bold choice and new looks for every visitor!

ZWIN is a location for wine-related ceremonial events in Lviv! There will be tastings for Guests and professionals, master classes, meetings with winegrowers.

We will give people gastronomic pleasure 24/7 at the expense of the maximum satisfaction of their needs with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner with wine and music and, of course, an excellent service!