Pizza Party
with Celentano Ristorante

August 23 from 13:00 to 15:00

Hi! 💚🤍❤️ Who’s at the pizza party?
Already this Sunday together with Pizza Celentano Futura we:
☀️ we will feel a part of sunny Naples in Lviv, where the most delicious pizza in the world is prepared
🍕 create your gastronomic masterpiece according to an authentic Italian recipe: from crispy sides to appetizing filling
🎉 we will give children and their parents a real holiday that can be enjoyed even at home. After all, you can take your own pizza to a pizza show.
Choose the taste for your mood ✨
• for those who miss the sea – Tuno and Sorrento
• for cheese fans – Quatro Formaggi
• for meat lovers – Super Meat
• for vegans – Margarita and Hrybna
• for travelers – Hawaiian
• for experimenters – EgoIista pizza with any ingredients.
This whole Italian trip costs only UAH 99. 🔥
🎁 As a gift, children will receive a diploma with honors.
Choose the most convenient way to register:
▪️ fill in the form.
▪️ call the number: 068 119 58 19
See you 🙌🏼