Charity auction

The Ridni Charitable Foundation, together with the Dzyga Art Center and Gallery 101, are implementing the “Sporidneni”(Kindred) charity project.
The “Sporidneni” project aims to unite Ukrainian artists and children living in boarding schools and family-type orphanages to create joint works of art.
During August, children and artists created works of art that combined the visions of the artist and the child into one work.
In September, all works were presented in the artistic spaces of Lviv, which allowed to draw public attention to the wonderful collaboration of art and children deprived of parental care.
From October 12 to 17, the works will be presented in the Futura HUB space, where a charity auction for the sale of works will take place on October 18.
All proceeds from the auction will be used to support and develop children’s creativity, namely the creation of art workshops for children from boarding schools.
“Sporidneni” is an idea. We believe that there are no strangers or others, there are native souls, kindred hearts and common good deeds.